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David M Scudamore wrote:
<Now, keep in mind that after about 10 lessons I found that I never practiced <bewtween lessons so I am still at square one. As far as Phil Lloyd's comment about <starters wanted to spend $10, that may be true for a 10 year old, but I have spent <plenty, I just don't put the time into practice.
<In conclusion, please tell me which harp to use so that I can learn more easily, <(read less practice time).

I'm sure this post is a joke (right?), so I'll treat it as such.

What you want is a harp with no reeds.  Such a harp can be learned almost instantly with no practice.  

You can make one for yourself by buying almost any make or model and removing the reed plates. Practice holding it once or twice, making sure that you look like you're actually playing. 

Then pull it out when somebody else is playing the harp, and make it look like it's you.  Presto!  You've mastered the instrument.  To improve your skills, look for the best players you can find--every time you choose a better player to hang out with, you've improved your own playing-by-proxy.

And there you are!  I wish I'd thought of this strategy 43 years ago.  It would have saved me countless thousands of hours devoted to needless mastery, when I could have found somebody else to do all the work in a matter of minutes.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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