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Endeavor to persevere !

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> Is there a harp that I can buy that will allow me to learn more easily? I
> bought a full set of cheap harps off ebay. I started lessons 2 years later
> and my instructor recommends a $5 Hohner Blues Band. Later when I tell him
> that my poor practice bothers the dog (not to mention wife and kids) He
> tells me to buy a low C 364 Marine band. Later I decide that I need a
> special 20 in C and G.
> Then I buy a 14 key set of lee Oscars off this list. I bought a double bass
> Hohner off Ebay for $200. SUCH a bargain! In fact my teacher begged until I
> sold it to him, I could not play it anyway. I bought a "Larry Adler"
> Chromatic that was in tune for $20 off ebay original case and all. Such a
> bargain!. Couldn't figure it out and traded it away.
> Now, keep in mind that after about 10 lessons I found that I never
> practiced bewtween lessons so I am still at square one. As far as Phil
> Lloyd's comment about starters wanted to spend $10, that may be true for a
> 10 year old, but I have spent plenty, I just don't put the time into
> practice.
> In conclusion, please tell me which harp to use so that I can learn more
> easily, (read less practice time).
> Dave
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> Date: Sat, 8 May 2010 08:17:02 -0400
> From: "Luke Keefner" <lkeefner@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Why doesn't hohner or seydel produce a beginner harp for the
> musically....curious.... people ( where I began and probably most of you
> too) in a spiral tuning say in low e or d?  Most people pick up what is
> available like a c old standby or marine band and think "this thing is a
> piece of crap! If you start on the left side of the harp (like we read,
> left
> to right) we find notes missing, notes duplicated, and the 2 draw sounds
> like something is stuck in it. As we move up the harp we find some sequence
> of notes, but remember this a squeeky c harp, we might be able to pick out
> old suzanna if someone hasn't yet ripped it out of our mouth and thrown it
> out the car window. You might want to try to play along with the radio but
> not many songs are in C so again, frustration. Eventually, you give it to
> the dog to chew or toss it in the junk drawer and forget it. Admittedly I
> suck, but it wasn't until I learned to paddy my harps that I was able to
> play much of anything that didn't hurt my own ears. Instead of braying
> about
> how wonderful howard, jason etc. is we could do our beloved instrument
> more
> good by promoting this "training wheels" concept so that beginners actually
> go out and buy a second harmonica. Luke
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F. Mangiapane

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