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As we say in NZ..a good piss take ;=)

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Is there a harp that I can buy that will allow me to learn more easily? I bought a full set of cheap harps off ebay. I started lessons 2 years later and my instructor recommends a $5 Hohner Blues Band. Later when I tell him that my poor practice bothers the dog (not to mention wife and kids) He tells me to buy a low C 364 Marine band. Later I decide that I need a special 20 in C and G.

Then I buy a 14 key set of lee Oscars off this list. I bought a double bass Hohner off Ebay for $200. SUCH a bargain! In fact my teacher begged until I sold it to him, I could not play it anyway. I bought a "Larry Adler" Chromatic that was in tune for $20 off ebay original case and all. Such a bargain!. Couldn't figure it out and traded it away.

Now, keep in mind that after about 10 lessons I found that I never practiced bewtween lessons so I am still at square one. As far as Phil Lloyd's comment about starters wanted to spend $10, that may be true for a 10 year old, but I have spent plenty, I just don't put the time into practice.

In conclusion, please tell me which harp to use so that I can learn more easily, (read less practice time).


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Why doesn't hohner or seydel produce a beginner harp for the musically....curious.... people ( where I began and probably most of you too) in a spiral tuning say in low e or d? Most people pick up what is available like a c old standby or marine band and think "this thing is a piece of crap! If you start on the left side of the harp (like we read, left to right) we find notes missing, notes duplicated, and the 2 draw sounds like something is stuck in it. As we move up the harp we find some sequence of notes, but remember this a squeeky c harp, we might be able to pick out old suzanna if someone hasn't yet ripped it out of our mouth and thrown it out the car window. You might want to try to play along with the radio but not many songs are in C so again, frustration. Eventually, you give it to the dog to chew or toss it in the junk drawer and forget it. Admittedly I suck, but it wasn't until I learned to paddy my harps that I was able to play much of anything that didn't hurt my own ears. Instead of braying about how wonderful howard, jason etc. is we could do our beloved instrument more good by promoting this "training wheels" concept so that beginners actually go out and buy a second harmonica. Luke *******************************

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