Re: [Harp-L] Jason Wins!

I am very proud for Jason and proud to consider him a friend. He is a man who loves the harmonica in all its incarnations. He loves the blues and certainly enjoys trio music as well. He just loves the sound of the instrument when played well. 
Stepping back for a minute and looking at the big picture of Done With The Devil. I want to mention that there is an actual harmonica trio playing - done Jason's way - on that album. He's not just playing his heart out on the diatonic. He's also playing a chromatic.  He's also playing a 48 chord. He's also playing a Polyphonia. I remember when he got the Polyphonia, he was so excited and said he was going to put it on his next album. 
Buck Weed plays a bass harmonica on that album. That's basically all the major harmonica types, minus the tremolo and he's doing this stuff on a blues/rock album. That's pretty rare and good for the harmonica. As a chord player, I can only hope that somebody hears that 48 chord on the album and thinks, "Wow, I gotta try that," that same excited kid moment I had when listening to Tony Sgro on the old Puleo No. 7 album three years ago and decided I'd become a chord player. A lot of people have heard a Polyphonia and chord harmonica (maybe even the chromatic) who otherwise might never have because of that album. 

And now, he's won a very prestigous award.

This good for Jason. It's also very good for the harmonica.

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