Re: [Harp-L] Low Eb Harp

Brother Matthew,

I had a Hohner Marine Band Eb done by Mike Peace. The intent was/is to cover "Nine Below Zero" by Carlos Del Junco. ( - Blues Mongrel cut 11. )

The result? Happy-Joy!

Mike can be reached at: mmpeace@xxxxxxx

Otherwise there is :

Hohner USA -
    Marine Band
    Special 20

Coast 2 Coast Music -
    Marine Band
    Special 20

Be enticed. Buy smart. Play well.

Be Blues...And Jazz,

Suave Blues Man

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Can anyone recommend a good Low Eb. I have a special 20 and I have re-gapped
reeds, embossed, added extra screws to the plate. It is still hard to play.

On the other hand, I bought a Suzuki Manji Low F and it played effortlessly.
I wish they made a Low Eb.

The only one that looks enticing is the Seydel 1847, $90 harps. For that
price perhaps it is better to buy a custom one.

Comments? Help?

Thanks, M

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