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Hi guys, I'm  a member at Howard School and must say is the best $60 I've
ever expended.
Suitable for all levels (I mean matter how advanced or beginner you

Now they reorganized the lessons....By level, and By Style...

In STYLE you can choose between Blues, Rock, classical, Jazz, latin, etc.
Each style has about ,  I don't know, 50 lessons.

I progressed in a month more than I progressed in a year.

Howard sees your video and responds you with another video...and you can see
all the videos of all the students and their answers....

Every week, Howard uploads a new video teaching something new or a new

Since I've been a member I spend a lot of time at home practicing what
Howard told me I can send another video playing that better...that
motivation is great!

I'm going to be a member for a long time.

Just my experience in this amazing site that I wanted to share with you...


Jorge Simonian

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If you haven't yet, check out the Jamey Aebersold books et al. There is a 
Rapid Reference that you can download (among the free stuff). He has added 
two books since I last printed out the 9-page Reference.;

Also, The Real Book playalongs are mentioned on the site.

Also, even tho' it is a jazz site, it's not all jazz and not all Aebersold 
You don't have to shop here but it's a great place to browse.
Hope this helps.

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> Levy seems to cover a wide range of things...according to this syllabus,
> nothing really interests me until his intermediate level of study (some of
> the 5th position stuff does). The jazz stuff is cool, but I don't really
> play jazz, nor would I likely even if I wanted to. The world music piece
> looks fun, and the tongue blocking piece where you chug/play a melody at 
> the
> same time looks wicked awesome. There is a wealth on 4th, 5th, and 12th
> which I play and would like to learn more about. However, most of the
> lessons seem theory based, which isn't necessarily unique to harmonica (I
> can find that other places). Also, from what I've seen I get the 
> impression
> it is a lot of listening to Howard play a standard and then trying to 
> figure
> it out yourself. I didn't see much about "do this" or here is the tab. The
> samples also didn't show me how to improvise with the knowledge.
> The Barrett school is focused on blues only...which is something I do 
> play,
> although I am from the Ricci/Del Junco kind of school - Modern blues to 
> flat
> out modern harmonica. The videos are awesome and his teaching style is
> wonderful. He holds my attention with his use of theory, and some of the
> foundations he focuses on can be applied to other styles...and he teaches
> improv. The artist inverviews are a huge bonus, and the equipment stuff
> looks juicy. That being said, the licks and phrasing are going to be 
> mostly
> 12 bar blues based - I won't be learning a "new" style of music for me, 
> but
> rather refining my tradtional chops and then learning to move them to
> different octaves/positions. My use of extended positions and scales
> wouldn't advance.
> I am a very liberal user of overbends, which Barrett doesn't talk too much
> about, but Levy does. For the time being, I don't see me getting to play
> styles other than blues and rock. There are no "jazz" gigs around here for
> me and I am totally foreign to the scene. However, I use more than the 
> blues
> scale and could stand to expand my vocabulary beyond learning melodies to
> songs.
> Advice?
> ----------
> Mike Fugazzi
> vocals/harmonica
> "NiteRail"

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