Re: [Harp-L] Howard Levy School vs. David Barrett School?

If you haven't yet, check out the Jamey Aebersold books et al. There is a 
Rapid Reference that you can download (among the free stuff). He has added 
two books since I last printed out the 9-page Reference.;

Also, The Real Book playalongs are mentioned on the site.

Also, even tho' it is a jazz site, it's not all jazz and not all Aebersold 
You don't have to shop here but it's a great place to browse.
Hope this helps.

In a message dated 5/4/10 2:11:10 PM, mikefugazzi@xxxxxxxxx writes:

> Levy seems to cover a wide range of things...according to this syllabus,
> nothing really interests me until his intermediate level of study (some of
> the 5th position stuff does). The jazz stuff is cool, but I don't really
> play jazz, nor would I likely even if I wanted to. The world music piece
> looks fun, and the tongue blocking piece where you chug/play a melody at 
> the
> same time looks wicked awesome. There is a wealth on 4th, 5th, and 12th
> which I play and would like to learn more about. However, most of the
> lessons seem theory based, which isn't necessarily unique to harmonica (I
> can find that other places). Also, from what I've seen I get the 
> impression
> it is a lot of listening to Howard play a standard and then trying to 
> figure
> it out yourself. I didn't see much about "do this" or here is the tab. The
> samples also didn't show me how to improvise with the knowledge.
> The Barrett school is focused on blues only...which is something I do 
> play,
> although I am from the Ricci/Del Junco kind of school - Modern blues to 
> flat
> out modern harmonica. The videos are awesome and his teaching style is
> wonderful. He holds my attention with his use of theory, and some of the
> foundations he focuses on can be applied to other styles...and he teaches
> improv. The artist inverviews are a huge bonus, and the equipment stuff
> looks juicy. That being said, the licks and phrasing are going to be 
> mostly
> 12 bar blues based - I won't be learning a "new" style of music for me, 
> but
> rather refining my tradtional chops and then learning to move them to
> different octaves/positions. My use of extended positions and scales
> wouldn't advance.
> I am a very liberal user of overbends, which Barrett doesn't talk too much
> about, but Levy does. For the time being, I don't see me getting to play
> styles other than blues and rock. There are no "jazz" gigs around here for
> me and I am totally foreign to the scene. However, I use more than the 
> blues
> scale and could stand to expand my vocabulary beyond learning melodies to
> songs.
> Advice?
> ----------
> Mike Fugazzi
> vocals/harmonica
> "NiteRail"

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