Re: [Harp-L] Shim Stock (mis-understanding)

Sorry - now I get it.

I haven't done any embossing etc. or anything that required shimstock as a tool so I'd be best to let someone else suggest what thickness you should get. 

I know that I saw feeler gauges for sale within the last year so I suspect you could find them at any auto parts store.

Good luck,

Doug H

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  Hey Doug,

  A feeler gauge is a good idea. Do the sell those anymore?

  Yes actually, I did mean shim stock! I got some from Richard Sleigh a few years ago. It was really thin metal strips that i could use to shape reeds and run along the side of the reed slot. The reason I asked is that I don't know what metal type of shim stock I should get or the thickness. Do you know?


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