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Hi Joe,

By now you are figuring out that attachments don't work.  You'll have to post it somewhere online where we can go look at it.

I have never thought about a harmonica muffler but I guess if they have mutes for banjos, why not something for harps?  

Doug H
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  My name is Joe Glover, i am currently in Year 12 and doing Design and technology as a subject. For my project i have chosen to design and create a harmonica muffler which makes the harmonica quiet for practicing late at night or whatever. 

  I have attached a powerpoint with a series of pictures, of the various designs that i have come up with - just the shape and ergonomics really.

  Please, if you have time could you take a look and tell me:

  1. Which one you like the most
  2. Why you like it
  3. What you like and dislike about each of the designs
  4. what you would add to or take away from each of the designs.

  Thankyou for your time, it should be a bit of fun for you guys too.

  if anyone is interested,

  the basic design is a hollow chamber in which the re-verberate and are muffled by sound absorption material (quiet wave). I am hoping to cut down the sound by 50%. The player can still hear it perfectly because the noise comes out the holes not being played.

  thankyou so much,

  Cheers, Joe Glover

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