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That is sad to hear. They were giving out these little posters at Buckeye, they were setting out, plus the Sgros were giving them out with CDs, of this old Dr. Pepper ad that was on billboards across the country.  In their day, these guys were like gods. Johnny Puleo had a Dr. Pepper... also on the poster were David Doucette, the Sgros and Eddie Gordon, all angling for a sip. You can see the ad on Danny's page.

The people who can remember Eddie Gordon in his prime certainly don't need to hear anything from me, but younger players who haven't should check him out. It's another sad reminder that we are losing a part of our rich heritage. Of all the Harmonica Gang in that poster, only two are left with us today. Anytime we can get a chance to see the people perform, we should, or there will come a time when we can only wish we could.

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Bummer, bummer, bummer.....and bummer :(  Let the legend begin :)

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> Eddie Gordon
> October 7, 1941 - May 2, 2010
> I just received word of the passing of harmonica great Eddie Gordon today
> at 12:40pm CDT after a long battle with cancer.  Eddie was a dear friend to
> me, as well as a trio member for a number of years, and will be sorely
> missed.
> An exceptional artist on both chromatic and chord harmonicas, in
> addition to
> diatonic, he was a leader in the art of harmonica.
> A page I did for him a number of years ago can be accessed at:
> featuring a number of photos covering his artistry.
>  From the web page:
> Of his years with Johnny Puleo's Harmonica Gang, he said, "I had many
> friends
> among the players. They took the place of my father - I really had many
> fathers:
> people like Carl Ford, Jo Jo DeFulvio, Hal Harmon and Dave Doucette, but
> most
> of all, Johnny. They made sure I rested properly and ate properly. Hal
> Harmon took
> a special liking to me when I was with the Gang and when the act didn't
> work out,
> he took me on and we worked out as a duo. We billed ourselves as the
> Harmonica
> Masters and traveled around in an old jalopy . When that broke down we
> went by
> bus. I remember doing a show for SPAH 'way back in 1965'. I was quite
> surprised
> that there even was an organization doing service toward the harmonica."
> My respects to one of the harmonica greats of the world,
> Danny

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