[Harp-L] "The Firefly" - The Lightning Harmonica

Hi folks,
Since years I had a dream. How would it be to have a harmonica which glows in the dark ? This sounds impossible and I never believe that my dream would come true someday.
But: I had enough time to wait and to get all the stuff I need to create these unique harmonica.

The Acryl-Corpus is relativley new, you can get them since a few years. The Lights are gifts from NYC. And a good friend of mine - Karl-Georg L. - who also plays harmonica, has the knowledge and the tiny little fingers to create this great "Firefly". He is a man who works in the dentist business. He knows much about wheels and screws you can hardly see. So, I had the dream and he is the brain :-)

There are no plans how to build this for yourself. I just wanna show you that it is not impossible.The question is: Do the world need this ? I hope so, because for lay people it is a eye-stopper. For other harmonica players, too.

Are there any questions ? Sorry about my poor english, but think you know what I wanna say.

Here is the video and some pictures. Sorry, the blog is in german, but the video is in poor english :-)


Video and Pictures:

Greetings from Muenster, Germany
Mario Hemken
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