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Hi,Dick's using a Shure 585V on that LP. He alternated mainly between the GB and JT30's and sometimes used the 585. Sincerely,Barbeque Bob MaglinteBoston, MAhttp://www.barbequebob.comCD available at 
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When I saw J. Geils in '78 he was using a Green Bullet through a  
tweed champ and got delay from a Roland Space Echo.

On Dec 29, 2010, at 8:11 AM, Jon Clark wrote:

> Does anyone know what mic Magic Dick used for the Full House  
> version of Whammer Jammer?  For that matter, does anyone know what  
> he used in the studio for amp and mic?
> In my experience, a GB or Astatic though a tube amp yields a bit  
> too much grit. Magic Dick's versions combine "cleanliness" but with  
> some real punch where needed.  I think there is a photo on the back  
> of one of the  J. Geils Albums, maybe Full House, and he is holding  
> a stick mic.  Not a 58 though.
> Thanks
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