Re: [Harp-L] Going Up The Country by Canned Heat

Wikipedia says it was Jim Horn:

> The melody is virtually a note-for-note copy of "Bull Doze Blues" recorded
> by Henry Thomas<>in the late 1920s.
> [3] <> Thomas
> accompanied himself on guitar and quills<>,
> an early Afro-American instrument similar to panpipes<>
> .[4] <> The
> melody that Thomas played on the quills was reproduced on flute by Jim Horn
> for the recording of "Going Up the Country".

2010/12/28 Jukka Mäkinen <makinju@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi,
> I would gladly give the credit for "Going up the country" flute for Al
> Wilson, but I remembered
> seeing either Jim Horn or Steve Douglas doing it once in David Letterman's
> show.
> It was mentioned that he was the original flute player...I just couldn't
> remember which one of Duane Eddy's sax players it was...
> so I Googled it and the answer is: Jim Horn
> It is wonderful to see that Alan Wilson is getting noticed again for the
> wonderful pioneer work he was doing.
> Jukka Makinen
> 2010/12/28 the_jukester@xxxxxxxx <the_jukester@xxxxxxxx>
> >     I have always been curious about who played the intro and solo on
> > Canned Heat's Going Up The Country. Have seen a couple of videos where
> the
> > band lip synced the tune and Bob Hite clowned around pretending to "play"
> a
> > full-sized flute in one instance and a smaller, tin whistle type
> instrument
> > in the other. Does anyone know what instrument was actually used, and who
> > played it? Alan Wilson? It would seem to be a cool exercise to learn to
> play
> > it on harp.
> > Pete Sheridan
> >
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