Re: [Harp-L] Going Up The Country by Canned Heat

I would gladly give the credit for "Going up the country" flute for Al
Wilson, but I remembered
seeing either Jim Horn or Steve Douglas doing it once in David Letterman's
It was mentioned that he was the original flute player...I just couldn't
remember which one of Duane Eddy's sax players it was...
so I Googled it and the answer is: Jim Horn
It is wonderful to see that Alan Wilson is getting noticed again for the
wonderful pioneer work he was doing.
Jukka Makinen

2010/12/28 the_jukester@xxxxxxxx <the_jukester@xxxxxxxx>

>     I have always been curious about who played the intro and solo on
> Canned Heat's Going Up The Country. Have seen a couple of videos where the
> band lip synced the tune and Bob Hite clowned around pretending to "play" a
> full-sized flute in one instance and a smaller, tin whistle type instrument
> in the other. Does anyone know what instrument was actually used, and who
> played it? Alan Wilson? It would seem to be a cool exercise to learn to play
> it on harp.
> Pete Sheridan
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