Re: [Harp-L] lee oskar vs hohner

Agreed- they squawk! Funny; a previous poster, Mark, said that the Golden melody "lacks that nasty  raspy metallic 
noise of others.."  whereas I would have said the reverse; I find the GM a solid harp, but too shrill. Maybe it's something to do with tuning, I don't know.
The LO has always sounded too trebly  for my liking. I would compare the LO with a low-action guitar with very light strings, like a rock player would use,
whereas the Hohners are more like an arch-top with high action and heavy strings; in other words, made to be played hard, which suits me fine.
Having said that, the LO is indeed a solid beast that lasts and lasts; of course they will last indefinitely if you don't play them much! Mine fall into this category.

>>> Bill <bill.eborn@xxxxxxxxx> 22/12/2010 5:04 >>>
Lee Oskar's don't lend themselves to overblowing in my experience

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