Re: [Harp-L] lee oskar vs hohner

Since I'm unbiased and really have no favorites, I can tell you as  I have
Purchased EVERY 10 hole diatonic made excluding a Harrison, and  they
ALL sound exactly the same with only two having a tiny  difference.
The solid rosewood Suzuki Pure Harp takes the minimum of  breath to produce 
pure sound and the M-20 Manji - Suzuki (soft sound),  the best on the 
Horner end will always be a Golden melody, it lacks that nasty  raspy metallic 
noise of others..
Like I always say;
A pro can take a dollar harp and make magic, an amateur can take a hundred 
dollar harp and make garbage., same deal as jeans, with jeans some  darn 
will pay $50.00 for jeans with someone's name on their rump were  a smart 
will get the no name same jeans for $15.00.
If you sound like a cat in heat with your cheap harp, you will still sound  
like a
cat in heat with a $150.00 John Doe super tuned MJ-1250 extreme  bender.

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