[Harp-L] chromonica with a ricther layout

The Owner of the local music store asked me if I could look at a chromonica 10 
hole  harmonica, someone had brought in to be fixed. It hadn't been used in 
decades. Someone obviously had tried to fix it and didn't know what he was 
I reassembled the slide,lubricated  and fixed it, the comb was worn where the 
spring was and I repositioned the the spring so the slide in proper alignment. 
The rest of the harp was in pretty good shape. When I tried it It was in a 
Richter Layout. I looked  up  hohner chromatics it appears to be that all are 
now in standard tuning except the koch. Any one out there have an idea, when 
this model might have been last made?  There are no model numbers anywhere. 

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