Re: [Harp-L] Easiest Bending Harp

Thanks for this.

What keys are these harps?

How do you define "easiest"? Deepest? Most accurate? Something else?

On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 8:21 AM, Bill Kumpe <bkumpe@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ok, the legal business has slowed down for Christmas and I admit that I am
> fooling around at my desk.  So, I downloaded the free trial version of the
> Bendometer software, opened up my harp case and proceeded to see which of
> my
> harps provided the easiest bends.  Winner was the Hohner Crossover (stock).
> Close second was the Suzuki Bluesmaster (stock).  Third was the Hohner
> Special 20 (tweaked), Fourth was the Hohner Golden Melody (stock), Fifth
> was
> the Marine Band (stock), Sixth was the Huang Star Performer (stock).  I had
> never really tested the harps before and the Crossover is not really my
> favorite harp for ergonomic reasons but I have to admit the full step bends
> were nearly effortless.  I had never paid attention to it before.  I
> usually
> just play the things and don't worry too much about technicalities.  But,
> there it is for what its worth.  The Crossover is the easiest bending harp
> in my case.
> Bill Kumpe
> Tulsa, OK

Arthur Jennings

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