[Harp-L] Easiest Bending Harp

Ok, the legal business has slowed down for Christmas and I admit that I am
fooling around at my desk.  So, I downloaded the free trial version of the
Bendometer software, opened up my harp case and proceeded to see which of my
harps provided the easiest bends.  Winner was the Hohner Crossover (stock).
Close second was the Suzuki Bluesmaster (stock).  Third was the Hohner
Special 20 (tweaked), Fourth was the Hohner Golden Melody (stock), Fifth was
the Marine Band (stock), Sixth was the Huang Star Performer (stock).  I had
never really tested the harps before and the Crossover is not really my
favorite harp for ergonomic reasons but I have to admit the full step bends
were nearly effortless.  I had never paid attention to it before.  I usually
just play the things and don't worry too much about technicalities.  But,
there it is for what its worth.  The Crossover is the easiest bending harp
in my case.  


Bill Kumpe

Tulsa, OK 

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