[Harp-L] Re: The Mission Chicago 32-20 harp amp


Where are the Copper Cap vs. tube rectifier A/B clips, like a WZ34 vs.
GZ34 clip?  They're what Jim is asking about, and I couldn't find any
at that Mission Amps link.  I hope the sonic difference is at least as
obvious as the difference between answering a question and evading it.

Anyone who doesn't know much about amps must wonder why you keep
saying "copper solid-state rectifier" and your respondents all say
Copper Cap, or why you avoid calling Gary Onofrio Sonny Jr. the way
other posters usually do.  Really, I think you're making an already
complex technical subject unnecessarily confusing by doing that--for
example, the solid-state rectifier diodes inside Copper Caps aren't
made of copper, just the outside shell is (hence the name Copper
Cap).  Adopting the common names would avoid such inadvertent
obfuscation, if demystifying the subject of harp amps is a goal of
yours, and could save you a few keystrokes to boot,

Stephen Schneider

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