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Hey Bob, the BEST is that Rob could be playing with Zigmundt Schmutalatz and the 12th street 5, and STILL sound like a million. You should have heard him at Trumpets jazz club and during the Garden state harmonica fest. Smokin? He was positively neuclear.

Haven't caught Arturo (or Claudio) since I moved from Pgh., but he never gets any worse, that's for sure. :)


On Dec 11, 2010, at 2:20 PM, rob paparozzi wrote:

Thanx Bob....Sandoval certainly takes it to another level...huge talent.

I have fun with the 'Sweats' and get to sneak in an occasional Harp Solo!,-)

Happy Holidays n' Birthday!
Rob P
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Geez Rob that was killer!!! You did a great a job and the band was smoking!! Even without Arturo Sandoval it would have been great, but with him it was on a diffenent level...I've got a come out and hear BS+T...still vital after all these years.
WVa Bob
P.S. It must be an incredible feeling to front a band like're probably used to it, of course, but still...


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