Re: [Harp-L] Harmonica Resolutions?

Good for you, Elizabeth!

I think that for many of us, singing in front of others is far more scary than 
hiding behind an instrument. If you can do this, then you can really blow the 
lid of any barriers to connecting musically with your audience.

 Winslow Yerxa
Author, Harmonica For Dummies ISBN 978-0-470-33729-5
Harmonica instructor, The Jazzschool for Music Study and Performance
Resident expert,

On Jan 2, 2010, at 8:53 AM, Elizabeth Hess wrote:

> Face down my fear, learn a half-dozen songs, and sing them -- through a 
>microphone, in public (at the blues jam where I play harp).
> Elizabeth

I did it!!!!  Only two songs, tonight.  But I did it!!!!  (That funny sound you 
heard at around 8:45 pm Eastern time this evening was the sound of about 20 
regulars' jaws hitting the floor all at once.)


Elizabeth (aka "Tin Lizzie")


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