Re: [Harp-L] Foam inserts for harp cases? "Pick 'N' Pluck"

It would be impossible to create a "Pick 'n' Pluck" foam insert that holds 56 diatonic harps in the space that Hal's "Model CHC FI 56" foam insert fits (or any other configuration you can think of).

Hal's foam has a much higher density than "Pick 'n' Pluck" that makes it possible to fit more harmonicas and gear into a small space that's very durable.

I tried PnP several years ago that came in one of the alumuinum tool boxes like Home Depot sells.  It didn't take me long to figure out that there was going to be alot of wasted space in that BIG case.

It also makes good sense to take your harps out of the foam after playing, wipe them down, and let them air dry over night. Also keep your foam case open and let it dry out.

I keep most of my diatonic harps in my BIG case where they can air dry, and transfer the ones that I need into one of Hal's cases... I usually do not need all 113 harps all at once, and my BIG case is heavy !

Ken H in OH


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