Re: [Harp-L] How fast can a harmonica be played compared to other instruments?

I actually mean not one key (excuse my english), but playing without
too much direct overblow (without activating reed by drawing the same
hole) and deep bends. Actually anything with natural blow/draw notes,
4-10 half-tone bends, overblows/draws as passing tones without any big
leaps can be pretty fast. While playing in Db on C diatonic can't be
fast enough. It's not a problem for violin. The same about solo
chromatic, playing F, Bb, C, Ab, Eb, Cm, Dm, Fm, Gm can be pretty
fast, especially with using slide and alternative C and F, while G, D,
a bit harder, while E, B, C#m, Abm, A, F#m are pretty slow keys
because of note layout. Any key and leap is not an issue for violin.

Thanks, Boris Plotnikov

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