[Harp-L] Tombo Violin Scale Harmonica #1157?

Hello, Bob "Crazy About Slideless Chromatics" Coble.
Is your Tombo catalog #1157 correct for the Tombo Violin Scale harp? In my  
1999 (or earlier) Tombo catalog, the Violin Scale harp is listed as catalog 
 #1577. Are they the same instrument, with a different catalog number?
The 1999 Tombo catalog has this description: Tombo Violin Scale slideless  
chromatic harmonica has a note range of low g (highest G in the bass clef) 
to  C4, (two octaves above the treble clef) a range of 3.5 octaves, identical 
to the  range of the Hohner Meisterklasse slide chromatic, and other solo 
system 14-hole  slide chromatics. 
The Tombo Violin Scale is an extended key of C harp, in solo system note  
placement. It was named Violin Scale by the manufacturer, stating that it has 
 the same tessitura (note range) as a violin.
TOMBO Violin Scale Slideless Harmonica (based on your note chart):
The natural notes (bottom reed plate) are under and to the left of the #  
keys of the top plate. The large letters are blow notes, the small letters 
are  draw notes:
             Hole:    1   2    3     4    5    6   7    8    9   10  11  12 
 13   14  15 16  17  18  19 20  21  22  23 24 
     Top Plate: ||a# |G# |b# |C# |d# |E# |f# |G# |a#  |C# |b# |C# |d# |E# 
|f# |G# |a# |C# |b#|C# |d# |E# |f# |G# |etc
Bottom Plate: ||a   |G  |b   |C    |d   |E  |f   |G   |a    |C  |b   |C   
|d    |E  |f   |G   |a   |C  |b   |C   |d   |E  |f   |G    | 
Holes 25-27 aren't listed in the above chart, due to space constraints. But 
 holes 25-27 are the same setup as holes 17-19, an octave higher in pitch.
Compare the above Violin Scale chart to the Hohner Mesiterklasse slide  
chromatic; Swan #1456 slide chromatic, and Suzuki SCX-56,SC-56, SC56G, and 
Magic  Garden slide chromatics. If your note chart is correct, they are all the  
John "Crazy About Tombo" Broecker

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