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 Is it possible that the brand is a reflection of the philosophy on how the Owner/artist plays the instrument?

I've never heard Lee go for that fat chicago sound. His approach was always lighter, a bit of treble, and playing the notes.



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Lee Oskars are tuned differently than Marine Bands.They're also kind of
bright. When I listen back to recordings I've made, the harp seems a little
trebly compared to old blues recordings. I believe the fault lies with the
player rather than the instrument (playing too hard). Bright is nice for
single note runs--cuts through the mix.With a tight cup, a bullet mic, and a
tube amp I can get a good rock and roll sound. I use Lee Oskars because they
last longer-. Thirty bucks is real money and I can't afford to buy three or
four harps every six months..

I don't do anything to my harps. I had a hard time just replacing the reed
plate. Found it to be a pain in the butt so I just buy new harps.

I find Lee Oskars to be substantially louder than Marine Bands.

Rainbow Jimmy
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