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The only person I have seen that can REALLY one is my mentor the great Eddie Gordon.  He is 
amazing on all the harmonicas but there is something about the specialty harmonicas; the 
chord, harmonetta and the millionizer that he is especially amazing on.  the only place i have 
seen one for sale is ebay and they want your left nut and first born for it...ridiculous.  

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Date: Sunday, August 30, 2009 8:32 pm
Subject: [Harp-L] harmonetta
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> I don't think I've seen an actual harmonetta (except maybe in a 
> store window 35-40 yrs ago) and I sure don't know anybody who plays 
> one.  It looks like it would take a lot of wind but it also looks 
> like it is 'truly' chromatic in both chords and melody. (?)
> Anybody here play one or own one? 
> Doug H
> Here are a few links:
> Some quartet - halfway through they pick it up a bit.  
> Chatanooga Choo choo.  
> Harmonetta disassembled to musical accompaniment.  
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