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I've been practicing Ambersol's II-V-I changes (forget what volume) in every key on the C chromatic. When I get bored with these exercises, I work on other material, but I keep coming back, each time gaining a deeper appreciation of how important these exercises are in developing a jazz "vocabulary." These exercises have also helped spice up my blues, country swing, and progressive bluegrass playing.

--David Naiditch

On Aug 29, 2009, at 9:30 AM, Emile Damico wrote:

I know all of you jazz guys are practicing intensely all of the time.
I like to use vol. 21 of Ambersol. I've just started going back to vol.3 that
has the II V changes. One part uses the Dim-whole tone scale.
No big deal take a major scale flat the third start on the 7th degree.
This is made trom the melodic minor ascending. In this case C melodic minor.

So is anybody else using these studies. Will Gallison uses them also.
If so what volumes.


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