Re: [Harp-L] Need Harp Case Suggestions

I have used the Lee Oskar soft case and still do sometimes when I'm only
carrying a few harps. But I think the Seydel soft case that holds twice as
many harps and is better padded is much better.It opens like a book and lays
open nicely and is all I bring on stage for the jam after I have set up my
gear and put my box case that holds my mic, cables, the Seydel case, etc

I do need another solution for my box case that holds everything though. I
mentioned the Pelican cases a while ago and they seem to make a lot of sense
- lightweight, very durable, can't dent, even waterproof and floats (I
recently was transported to/from a gig on an island on a party boat full of
drunks with all my gear aboard)


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