[Harp-L] Need Harp Case Suggestions

The best soft case for the money that I have found is the Lee Oskar zippered
case which holds eight diatonics.  Fair padding, good zipper.  I see a lot
of them around. Costs less than twenty.  Musicians Friend has them in stock
all of the time.

I don't believe we have a single person in our club who regularly uses a
store bought hard case.  At least I haven't seen one.  What we do have are a
bunch of home-made or adapted tool cases and pieces of luggage.  I made my
own hard case.  Harbor Freight sells a very nice little aluminum bound metal
tool case for around eleven dollars.  I bought a length of approximately two
inch foam pipe insulation and cut several pieces of it to the length of the
case sides when standing on end.  Mine holds 16 diatonics, a green bullet
style mic and a mic cord nicely.  It is several months old now and shows no
sign of wear.  It protects the harps nicely.  Total cost around fifteen
bucks.  Picture posted at: http://r66hc.blogspot.com/

Bill Kumpe
Route 66 Harmonica Club,
Tulsa, Oklahoma.  

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