[Harp-L] New Richard Hunter RP250/350 patch set coming

As a customer of Richard's patches, I can vouch for their value. $25 saves an awful lot of fiddling around. Best left to those who like doing this (Richard for example...)

I'm running his current patches through an RP100 with an Audix Fireball V. They work fine. You should use an impedance converter with the Audix mic. I'm thinking of getting an RP350.

A question for Richard: most of the time I want a high quality clean preamp sound, with clean delay (I get this with an ART tube preamp and an old Ibanez Digital delay pedal). However I would like the occasional classic Chicago sound, as delivered in many flavours by the patches. The ideal would be one box which does everything (e.g. the RP350). I don't like carrying a lot of gear, even less setting it up.

So. Is there an RP350 patch which gives a high quality clean preamp sound, with clean delay?

Tony Eyers
...everyone plays

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