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Could it be a Navy Band? I haven't seen the clip, but I believe they were
around at that time.
Does anyone know the timeline of the Navy Band and the GM's production? I
believe the Navy Band came first. The GM seems to be a copy of it--in all
but the cover plates.


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> Patrick...(catching up on past digests after SPAH plus  vacation)...
> ..couldn't that "red-combed Hohner 'something' " actually be a 10-hole
> chrometta (chromatic)? I believe the comb was made of a red plastic
> (bakelite?) - and is small and curved so could resemble a golden  melody.
> I've no idea, just surmising.
> Elizabeth
> " Patrick Lines wrote:
> >> Okay, well I bought the ultimate  collector's edition of  Woodstock
> >> because I was interested in  the additional footage that hadn't been
> >> available before. In  particular Canned Heat, Butterfield and Creedance.
> I
> >> was not  disappointed.
> >> Canned Heat does, " I'm her man" and Alan Wilson is  phenomenal. At
> first
> >> I thought he was playing a chromatic, but it's  a red comb Hohner
> >> something?"
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