RE: Effects was Re: [Harp-L] Jason's organ

I like to use multieffectors because they offer great bang for the buck and
many times allow MIDI control.
No question that stand alone pedals offer better sound, that's why you can
spend so much on them!
I like modeling well enough for what it offers but my favorite effector
(that I am only using for guitar but still) is premodeling, a Lexicon
Modeling takes something away, that's for sure!
PS I of course have a Digitech RPxxx that I can use for harp (that I tried
to sell here with RH's patches and was informed that I cannot do that) but
don't have any gigs playing harp, so only use my vocal mike for harp when I
play guitar--no one complains!
PS I love all you guys so no flames, OK?

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