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After owning a couple of RPXXX units and hearing Richard demonstrate
his, I am still not convinced its the way to go. Gimme my pedal board
any day, nobody can deny the power of using real pedals.

 Re: [Harp-L] Jason's organ

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Some people asked for the settings that  used for the trombone sound..
this is what I did:
When you use the edit button you'll get:
Exp pedal: no link
Reverb : off
Delay: on.. repeat:21/300 ms/wow:0/flutter/o/dlylevel: 21
Effects: on..Whammy.. post/oct dn/pedal 99/mic 99
Gate: off
AmpA: off
Dist: off
Pick-up: off
Custom setting: clean 1 ( TONE LIBRARY knob)

Yesterday I used my Electro Voice RE10 and the Ultimate SM57 into the
RP350...mastervolume 66..into my Marble amp with 1x15" Weber..
I had 13 different settings but all based on the one as mentioned above..
No amp, no gate etc....
The clean 1 setting + different worked perfect.... no extra gain..just
a strong clean sound that was coloured by the amp
It seemed to work like a anti-feedback device.... ( I also had the
Kinder Afb+ in front of the RP350)..
I could turn up the volume to very loud..

I was very much surprised how easy this set-up is... no big case with
all my effects needed( HOG/BBE pedals etc etc)
It took me 1 min to set it up....and it weighs nothing ( well..the map
is still heavy)

I haven't tried this setitng straight into the PA system but I think
it will work fine...

Ben Bouman

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