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In my opinion, it depends on your playing, your band, the music you play,

I've found interesting using effects because of the diversity of sounds in
one show. Some songs fit best with one particular effect and other song with
other effects. Some songs with no effects at all.
Of course, the most important thing is the musician and how he plays, but
using effects can add diversity to your sound and also expand the
possibilities of the harmonica.

Since I own a POG2 and a leslie rotary speaker I play a lot of new things in
my band, new ideas that before I couldn't. (we play rock, pop songs and also
jazz, blues,etc).

And switching between the effect sound and the harmonica natural sound in
one show is very fun, for me, for the audience and for the musicians who
play with me, as they told me.

But again, is a matter of tastes....and that's the beauty of this....if we
all liked the same things, sounds and styles, it would be a little boring,
don't you think?

Jorge Simonian

-it's difficult to communicate my ideas in a foreing language, hope you
understand what I've tried to say-


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No one asked my opinion, but I agree. I don't believe in effects. I  
believe in playing harmonica.

Joe King

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>  what is the attraction of having a harmonica sound like an organ?  
> I don't get it. Doesn't sound as good as an organ.
> To me, it's just like hearing a keyboard with a harmonica patch -  
> keyboard sounding like a harmonica (DX-7) sure doesn't sound as  
> good as a my ears, anyways.
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