RE: [Harp-L] Jason's organ

Nice played!

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On Youtube you can find several videos from Jason , demonstrating/explaining

his pedals:
like this one:

Richard Hunter showed during SPAH the Digitech RP350..I also have one and it

has some wonderful options.m I'm sure you can get a good organ sound from 
the RP350

Yesterday I made a preset that ( by coincidence...!)  made teh harp sound 
like a trombone.
Here you can hear a soundfile on which I used a beta-harp in low F:\

Ben Bouman

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> A local keyboard player saw Jason Ricci play locally a few months back 
> and was impressed with his organ effects.
> He wanted to find out what Jason used.  He was going to recommend the 
> setup to his harp player.
> Do any of you know what pedal(s) Jason uses to get the organ effect?   I 
> have his email address but don't want bug him about his gear.
> I'm guessing there is at least a rotary and pod in the mix.  I recall  the

> question came up months ago but I'm not into modeling effects so
> ignored the posts.
> thanks
> Michael Easton
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