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On Youtube you can find several videos from Jason , demonstrating/explaining his pedals:
like this one:

Richard Hunter showed during SPAH the Digitech RP350..I also have one and it has some wonderful options.m I'm sure you can get a good organ sound from the RP350

Yesterday I made a preset that ( by coincidence...!) made teh harp sound like a trombone.
Here you can hear a soundfile on which I used a beta-harp in low F:\

Ben Bouman

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A local keyboard player saw Jason Ricci play locally a few months back and was impressed with his organ effects.
He wanted to find out what Jason used. He was going to recommend the setup to his harp player.

Do any of you know what pedal(s) Jason uses to get the organ effect? I have his email address but don't want bug him about his gear.
I'm guessing there is at least a rotary and pod in the mix. I recall the question came up months ago but I'm not into modeling effects so
ignored the posts.

Michael Easton

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