RE: [Harp-L] lee oskar quality slipping???

> Had to buy a new Lee Oskar A harmonica. The old one went out of tune.
> Didn't
> even last four years. Big gig on Labor Day Weekend--playing outside
> for a
> friend's party. We get paid with beer and food (and seeing as
> currently I'm
> a tea-totaller--they're getting a good deal). Got a Dan Electro Fab
> Echo for
> a whopping $15.00. I'll send in a review after I've had it for a while.
> FOUR YEARS??? I give that a whopping thumbs up. Most of my A's custom
> or otherwise are lucky if they last four months. Luckily, my customs
> get serviced free by Kinya Pollard. I'd say four years on one A is a
> great product.

Nah, I have to agree with Jimmy here.  I bought a G Lee Oskar in Dublin in 2006 and have played it to death, but it's already showing signs of needing some fine-tuning. It might only have another two or three years left in it I fear.   You must be walloping your harps if they only last four months.  I get a year out of my SP20s these days, and I'm talking about the ones that get hammered every Friday night and for practising in between. :-)  
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