[Harp-L] SPAH 2009

Sacramento was awesome. Not perfect but awesome in many ways. The success
reflected by the record number of attendees was the result of a solid team
effort. The BOD, the Harmonicoots and other volunteers put a lot of time and
passion into this convention. The result had a lot of heart. Spiritually
this was a superior SPAH. Great energy. The logistic problems were real and
will be addressed as we plan for Minnesota. There are many things that I can
personally do better/different next year and that will be my goal.

The "star power" was bright and plentiful this year. On and off of the
stage. A Harmonica Fantasy Camp. Everyone hanging out together celebrating
life. The harmonica was a side show.

The manufacturers and vendors were incredible as well this year. They bring
good things to life!

I got a chance to hang with Stan Harper for a bit on Friday night. We sat
for about forty five minutes smoking tobacco and sharing stories. He had
many more to tell than I. Eighty nine years old battling cancer himself and
a wife with Alzheimers back home. He had a smile on his face and he told me
how important it was for him to come this year. He needed to recharge his
emotional batteries and knew that the best place in the world to do that
would be with his brothers and sisters of the harmonica at the SPAH
convention. We talked about many things. Not once did he say anything to me
about the lousy signage or the way everything was too spread out. You know,
I think he would have been thrilled if we were at a Motel 6.


Warren "Bee" Bachman
SPAH Publicity Director

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