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I use a fingernail spindle made by
Although expensive at $226, this is an ideal size and power for tuning. It is very well made and has variable speed. I use it with Shofu "Brownie" wheels with a fine abrasive in a rubber matrix. They are used by dental labs for polishing metal teeth. They leave a high polish on the reed. Mike Easton acquainted me with them.

See Mike Easton' presentation at

I tried one of the little $15 spindles from WalMart. They have a AA cell in the handle. I suppose that if you are patient enough you could use one for tuning but IMO they lack enough torque to get the job done. At the other end of the spectrum, Dremel tools are too big and heavy to be convenient.


You can get all kinds of spindles that accept
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Does anyone use an electric nail polisher for tuning reeds?
I've heard of it so I checked out a beauty supply place. They had several models about the size of a big pen. One even had a chord with a foot pedal all for about $80.
There was a large variety of tips available.
What I'm wondering is if anyone uses one and can recommend a particular brand and model number.
What about tips, any particular size or coarseness?
I've heard dremels turn too fast, do these nail polishers turn at the proper speed?
I'm trying to avoid wasting money on something that won't do the job right.
Thanks for any info!
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