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I have the Amazon edition because I wanted the added Canned Heat songs. I haven't watched the main feature yet, but on the added material the only other harp content I can find is John Fogarty on " Keep on Chooglin".
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What edition do you have? I was very interested in this after reading your post Patrick. But it appears that Amazon, Target and maybe others have their *own* special collectors ultimate blah editions with different songs on them. what a mess and pita this is.

and to top it off, they re-recorded and overdubbed some of the performances with new stuff!! some say this is "fixing problems" but I say it's "BS" because now i'm listening to some music that was played in 2008, not 1969 and being heard over a visual of musicians supposedly playing that music. wth is up with that, unbelievable. and this was done by the original audio engineer who was there that day (michael kramer)!

but still, anyone who can fill us in on the harp content of various editions would be great. aside from canned heat, any other harp that's in the new editions, such as any in CCR's set or others?

Thanks, Bill

Patrick Lines wrote:
Okay, well I bought the ultimate collector's edition of Woodstock because I was interested in the additional footage that hadn't been available before. In particular Canned Heat, Butterfield and Creedance. I was not disappointed.
Canned Heat does, " I'm her man" and Alan Wilson is phenomenal. At first I thought he was playing a chromatic, but it's a red comb Hohner something? My big question is about his microphone. It looks like it might be a 545 stick but he has a large control taped to it. At first I thought it was a volume control but when he fiddles with it, it sounds like there is a tone change backup by the fact that at one point it seems like there are multiple cables coming out the end. Anybody have a clue?

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