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Okay, well I bought the ultimate collector's edition of Woodstock because I was interested in the additional footage that hadn't been available before. In particular Canned Heat, Butterfield and Creedance. I was not disappointed.
Canned Heat does, " I'm her man" and Alan Wilson is phenomenal. At first I thought he was playing a chromatic, but it's a red comb Hohner something? My big question is about his microphone. It looks like it might be a 545 stick but he has a large control taped to it. At first I thought it was a volume control but when he fiddles with it, it sounds like there is a tone change backup by the fact that at one point it seems like there are multiple cables coming out the end. Anybody have a clue?
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I read the "more info" box, said they were from Canada and whatnot, but my interest is piqued. Bout all I could discern is that the bass player has hair like Andy Griffith did back in the 60s.

They are called the harmonitones....

This gives me an idea for a good name for a gospel harmonica trio, The Harmoninites or maybe The Harmonistines...


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