If you played the guitar, you'd be spending the big bucks on instruments.
I say if the Manji is under a hundred bucks it is worth it.

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 1:24 PM, Joe and Cass Leone <leone@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Aug 10, 2009, at 11:48 AM, jeremyhsnell@xxxxxxx wrote:
>  So many of us players want to play out of the box harps and toss them when
>> a reed goes. Special 20 - out 25 bucks, still so much less expensive than
>> customs. It would be nice if the Manji actually does perform that much
>> better, lasts longer, and actually IS affordable enough to replace cheaper
>> than to replace a reed. I hate to offend any customizers, but all the
>> perfect tuning is lost on so many of us amplified blues players, most of
>> whom appreciate only the ease of playing a well-gapped harp, and not all the
>> other nuances provided by a very expensive arsenal of highly modified cheap
>> instruments.
> I was going to say this yesterday but trashed my message. In fact, I trash
> over 67% of my messages. What's that? I should trash ALL of them? Ok, back
> to the subject. People are really going overboard trying to make everything
> perfect and tuning to exact cents and stuff. Then they go and blow it all by
> blowing it all. Unless you are giving a concert where the back-up WON't
> interfere with YOUR wonderful tone and unless you can deliver all YOUR
> style, personality, inventive unique runs, fluidity, angst, terror, hurt,
> laughter, good naturedness, moroseness, laconicicity, WITHOUT the back-up
> music making a fiasco out of it, what's the point.
> Now I'm not trying to beat anyone out of a sale here but giving a custom
> harp to most players is like giving Tiger Wood's golf clubs to most
> golfers......won't help. As for the manufacturers, instead of constantly
> making these 'improved' models, they should be concentrating on UNIFORMITY.
> Instead of 76 harps being good in a batch of 100, it should be 96+. They
> need to get off their hinies and get REAL people to test these things and
> anything that doesn't make the grade goes in the 'seconds' bin. I have never
> seen harps sold as 'seconds'. Why IS that? They need to cut the hell down on
> the number of models and make a FEW models..very very well.
> smo-joe
>  As I write this I am am becoming painfully aware that my opinion is highly
>> hypocritical to my immediate surrounding of dozens of K$ of mics and amps,
>> however...? some of us baby our gear, yet are tough on harps -
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