[Harp-L] Reed slot technology

 Brendan mentioned the Manji was the first advancement made in over a hundred years and I started a new thread, because I didn't want to derail the Manji thread.
What I wanted tpo say is I had considered the development of the double-cut reedplate was an advancement in reedslot technology . As I understand it, you cut the reedplate from both sides simultaneously, instead of punching it through from one side (as it is traditionally done) to eliminate that reedslot sloppiness. Seydel came up with that around 2007.
What tickles me is the plastic/wood comb. I know the 1847 Silver comb was designed to mimic wood, or at least the crushability of wood fibers under pressure of screws. That's why it's not a perfectly smooth plastic. It has, however, no actual wood in it. The main difference I think most people notice in wood vs. plastic harmonicas is the feel and construction. If you can construct it like a wood comb, wood comb guys will like it. 


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