Re: [Harp-L] Micing a Meteor

Thanks for the nice words about the amp Mike. If you need to mic I would continue using the back of the amp. I think we talked about that before
but you'll get the best full mix wih a mic pointing right into the back of the cab. You get all 3 speakers and the resonance of the cab. If you do want to
mic one speaker up front, I would suggest the 10A125. Look at the back of the 10's and you'll see the little sticker. That speaker will give you the most
even sound. If you can play around at a band practice or something, try them one at a time in a sound check fashion. Play 12 bar's and move the mic, repeat....
Your perception of what sounds the best is what matters in the end. If the sound dosen't inspire you, it's the wrong option. Please let me know what works
out best for you. That would be good info to know.


Thank you for the advice. we seem to run our set up at about the same settings. I also use a modded JT-30, but use a C.R. element. I love this amp, it works perfectly for 99% of all gigging situations. One time we got booked to play a brunch at a lakeside restaraunt. All through the first set I kept hearing this crackling noise, I thought it was a bad cord in the P.A. or something like that. Turns out the noise was the eggs cooking at the omelet bar! Thats how low we had to run our volume for this gig. That was kinda hard to get good tone out of my rig for that job. But except for a situation like that the Meteor is the perfect harp amp(in my opinion).

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I've got a standard Meteor and I also always mic the upper left hand 10" speaker. For me it was arbitrary which of the 10's to mic, but that's where I usually put the mic. I don't mic the 12" speaker just because I don't want too boomy a sound through the PA....anyway, I'm finding that doing this works great for gigs. I find that the amp sounds beautiful with ~2.5 on volume, with tone on maybe 5 or 6, adding some of the meat control, a little presence (I don't think this adds much....). I plug my mic--a modified JT-30 with a mag cartridge--into the meat channel. I find that it's very easy to be too loud with this amp but, unlike lots of other amp's, it's not necessary to crank it in an overdrive sort of fashion to get warm tube break-up. Feedback isn't a problem with volume at this level. I bought the amp used and swapped out all the tubes with new JJ's and....its sooo nice. > From: mdaurizio@xxxxxxxx> To: harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx> Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 18:24:13 -0500> Subject: [Harp-L] Micing a Meteor> > > Hello List,> I have one of the big Meteor amps. And once and a while I run into a gig situation where it needs to be miced. I have been micing the back of the cabinet. Recently i've seen some YouTube vids of people(Hummel I think) micing the top left hand speaker. I would think that due to the unique speaker configuration of the amp ,that this method wouldn't pick up the low end of the amp very well. Can anybody give me any advice on the best method for micing this amp? Thank you in advance for the info.> Mike> _________________________________________________________________> Get more done, have more fun, and stay more connected with Windows Mobile®. >> Harp-L is sponsored by SPAH,> Harp-L@xxxxxxxxxx>

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