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I like to carry a small plastic spray bottle, they have tiny ones at the
drug stores....just tap water.....a couple of spritzes after every 3-4 tunes
work so nice on a sticky slide no drip to do any damage in the harp....ez to
carry to gigs or keep one in your practice area....
Rob P

On 11/28/08 12:59 PM, "EGS1217@xxxxxxx" <EGS1217@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Nope...never have, Rick... and it's definitely intriguing.  I don't  think
> what's used in the pencils today is remotely toxic.  Don't remember  reading
> about this idea anywhere on Slidemeister either (and there've been tons  of
> ideas 
> of 'lubricants' mentioned there)...along with major improvements to the
> slide such as 'jeweling' it, replating the mouthpiece, deburring, sanding down
> all the parts, adding all sorts of 'fillers' to make it air this is
> much appreciated.  Thanks!
> I still have a couple of chroms I scarcely play since I've become so
> enamoured of the CX-12's.  I just might give this a try-out on a slightly
> hung-up 
> 270 slide to see if it'll help.  I'd consider it far less messy or  intrusive
> than the oil/vaseline/other lubricant ...even water trick.
> Disclaimer:  I'm in no way putting down those pros who use a trickle  of
> water down the slide to free up its sticking..I'm positive they're the ones
> who 
> know enough to thoroughly dry out their instruments later, and it's  something
> that can be done easily enough even just prior to or even during  songs of a
> performance..  But since I've bought chroms with tarnish  under the cover
> plate 
> as well as in between the mouthpiece parts...I'm  personally reluctant to try
> it, preferring my own cleaning methods for an  instrument like the Super 64
> (which I still play and love).
> I think of the Super 64 as my 'main axe'..and the CX-12 line as my
> 'diatonic' version or 'fun' chromatics, since they seem to work so well
> tonally  with 
> diatonics. They're the ones I take everywhere with me.
> I do confess that the single piece slide of the CX-12 is another huge
> attraction to this chrom.  It's so easy to maintain and  I dig the sound
> especially 
> for rock, blues and R&B tunes...finding  it astonishingly easy to bend (as
> Warren can attest for me at this last  SPAH..coming in on me by accident while
> I 
> played 'Ain't No Sunshine')  :)
> Elizabeth
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> Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 10:16:24 +1100
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> Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Chromatic  care
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> Anyone tried scribbling on the slide  with a soft (say 2B or 4B) black lead
> pencil? Don't know if graphite is toxic,  but it is a lubricant, and a dry
> one.
> RD"
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