Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Chromatic care

Nope...never have, Rick... and it's definitely intriguing.  I don't  think 
what's used in the pencils today is remotely toxic.  Don't remember  reading 
about this idea anywhere on Slidemeister either (and there've been tons  of ideas 
of 'lubricants' mentioned there)...along with major improvements to the  
slide such as 'jeweling' it, replating the mouthpiece, deburring, sanding down  
all the parts, adding all sorts of 'fillers' to make it air this is  
much appreciated.  Thanks!
I still have a couple of chroms I scarcely play since I've become so  
enamoured of the CX-12's.  I just might give this a try-out on a slightly  hung-up 
270 slide to see if it'll help.  I'd consider it far less messy or  intrusive 
than the oil/vaseline/other lubricant ...even water trick.
Disclaimer:  I'm in no way putting down those pros who use a trickle  of 
water down the slide to free up its sticking..I'm positive they're the ones  who 
know enough to thoroughly dry out their instruments later, and it's  something 
that can be done easily enough even just prior to or even during  songs of a 
performance..  But since I've bought chroms with tarnish  under the cover plate 
as well as in between the mouthpiece parts...I'm  personally reluctant to try 
it, preferring my own cleaning methods for an  instrument like the Super 64 
(which I still play and love).
I think of the Super 64 as my 'main axe'..and the CX-12 line as my  
'diatonic' version or 'fun' chromatics, since they seem to work so well tonally  with 
diatonics. They're the ones I take everywhere with me.
I do confess that the single piece slide of the CX-12 is another huge  
attraction to this chrom.  It's so easy to maintain and  I dig the sound especially 
for rock, blues and R&B tunes...finding  it astonishingly easy to bend (as 
Warren can attest for me at this last  SPAH..coming in on me by accident while I 
played 'Ain't No Sunshine')  :)
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Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 10:16:24 +1100
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Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Chromatic  care
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Anyone tried scribbling on the slide  with a soft (say 2B or 4B) black lead 
pencil? Don't know if graphite is toxic,  but it is a lubricant, and a dry one.

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