[Harp-L] Hands-Free-Chromatic Harmonica Announcement

Beginning immediately, Chris Reynolds will make, sell, and ship Hands-Free-Chromatic (HFC) harmonicas and Ergonomic-Neck-Racks (ENR).

I will assist and advise him. I inspected HFCs made by Chris and found his craftsmanship to be superior to mine. He also plans to offer new options and services. I am confident that current and prospective HFC and ENR users will be pleased.

For complete information and prices, see:

I feel fine. However, the time to pass the baton is while I am still running strongly. I believe that it will benefit the artists who depend on HFCs. Being free of production and shipping will enable me to pursue other harmonica ideas and to practice my own HFC and guitar chops.

I'll always have intense interest in the art of playing chromatic harmonica in a holder and in those who practice it.

Chris and I will welcome your questions and comments.

Vern Smith

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