[Harp-L] chromatic care

Smo-Joe wrote, re how to use a cigarette rolling paper to realign a reed: 
You place a paper under the reed and jimmy the reed into the slot.  (I use a 
needle). The paper will wish to be equal on BOTH sides.

Joe, thanks for replying, but I still don't understand.   Maybe I would 
understand if I tried it but the above explanation  is unclear to me.  Besides, 
none of my harps need work at this  time.
  It may be a moot point since I get great results by using my  Joe Spiers 
type embossing station with a light under the reed so i can see  any 
misalignment.  I view the reed thru reading glasses and a  magnifying glass which is held 
above the reed plate.  Then I use a  reed wrench to move the reed into 
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