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I just just use toothpaste to polish cover plates. Rub a tiny bit of toothpaste into the metal using your finger, wet an old toothbrush and brush, rub in some more with moist paper towel and your finger, finish with dry paper towel. Those plates will shine up like new and you don't have to risk poisoning. 

Harpin' in Colorado,
--Ken M.

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Turtle WaX & Metal Polish!!!!!

Don't we put these things in our MOUTHS !!!!!!!! ?????
Enlighten me....?

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> Oh, I forgot to answer that one. Turtle Wax and Turtle Wax Polish. Danielson,
> polish first, then wax on, wax off. Seriously. Same thing pretty much as what
> Randy's talking about. It works and it's not harsh.
>  _________________________________

> Im giving away one of my most coveted secrets here. ( just kidding, dont
> believe in em)
> Blue Magic metal polish. Almost any auto store has it. Dont need to buff even.


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